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18/04/13 11:14 PM

Lignans For Life is our brand name that we had trademarked with the US patent and trademark office.  Products Development, LLC is our company name.  We sell 10 different products:  flaxseed lignans in both capsule form and bulk powder form that you can scoop onto your food, HMR lignans, eggshell membrane for people under our Vitatran brand name, and egg membrane for dogs under our K9 Choice brand name. We also sell melatonin for people and pets under our K9 choice brand name and our lignans for life brand name in 4 different sizes, 1 mg, 3 mg, 5 mg and 6 mg. We also carry our flaxseed lignans (aka flax hulls) in 100% certified USDA organic version.

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