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3rd Party Testing to Assure Product Safety and Quality

Jun. 23rd 2016

Here at Products Development, LLC we have two brand names that belong to us.  Lignans For Life and K9 Choice.  Every product that we sell goes thru a series of tests ensuring quality, purity and potency.  When we receive raw materials they come with Certificates of Analysis from the suppliers but we test them through independent third parties to verify the information on those certificates.  Then we deliver those raw materials to our manufacturers who put the raw materials into capsules and bottles for us.  They do their own testing to verify the results  and finally when we receive the finished products they are third party tested again.  We test for microbials, heavy metals, impurities and for potency of the stated ingredients.  All  of these steps take a little longer and it costs a little more but the peace of mind knowing that you are getting what you are paying for and nothing else is invaluable.  We take quality seriously here at Products Development, LLC ( and we follow cGMP (current Good Manufacturing practices)  fore assuring safety and standards throughout the manufacturing process.

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