Organic Flaxseed Hulls Bulk powder 2 pack

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2 jars of ground Flaxseed Hulls bulk powder. 7.6 oz in each jar. Each jar contains 7.6 oz of pure 100% Flaxseed Hulls. The hulls are very high in lignan content. Gluten Free and Non-GMO. There are 2 scoops in the container. The smaller clear scoop will hold 250 mg of flaxseed hulls which contains 6 mg of lignans and the larger clear scoop holds 3600 mg of flaxseed hulls and 80 mg of lignans. Flaxseed hulls contain several different types of lignan but the main lignan in flaxseed is SDG lignan. The bulk container is our best value. You get almost twice as much flaxseed hulls in one jar of bulk than you get in a jar of the capsules. Lignans have weak estrogenic activity that mimics estrogen and binds to estrogen receptors but with less biological effects.

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