Gail L wrote to us saying,

"My little femaile Border Collie was diagnosed with perianal adenomas when she was about 2 yrs. old.  The tumors were estrogen driven, she is a spayed female, so, she shouldn't be producing any estrogen. Four surgeries later….the cause was never diagnosed, the vets recommended putting her on a lignans and melatonin.
I am happy to report that she has not had any more tumors since putting her on the melatonin and lignans.
She just had an ultrasound of her adrenal glands and they are a little smaller than normal.  The doctors say probably due to the ligans and melatonin.
I dose her with a melatonin with her  morning meal and a lignans with her dinner.  I give her the second melatonin at night before she goes to bed. The melatonin doesnt make her sleepy or seem to affect her in any way.

I'm not sure if its the lignans and melatonin, but I wont stop giving her both.
thank you for your product !!!!