What’s the difference between Lignans For Life brand flaxseed hulls and Brevail?

Brevail is a brand name from our competitor. They offer a product that is made from flaxseed hulls, but the lignan is chemically extracted from the hulls, as opposed to our product, which contains pure flaxseed hulls that have been mechanically separated from the whole flaxseed. We do not use any chemicals in the processing of our flaxseed hulls. Brevail has some added compounds for color and fillers and contains 50 mg of standardized lignan per capsule; our flaxseed lignan capsules range from 15-35 mg of lignans. There are only 30 capsules in a bottle of Brevail and there are 90 capsules in our flaxseed lignans. When comparing the total number of mg in each bottle, our cost ends up being lower, and when you buy money saving two packs from us, the difference is even greater.