Hair Growth

Hair Growth

Studies indicate that people with high amounts of lignans in their bodies have a reduced rate of hair loss. Other studies that have shown hair regeneration after taking lignans.

Hair loss can be caused by the hormone DHT. Flaxseed lignans can inhibit the production of the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. An Asian study on men over a 6 month period showed significant improvement in hair growth in an average of 2 months. Our customers report to us excellent results in hair growth and one of the first symptoms to improve when treating dogs for cushings disease with flax hull lignans is hair growth.

Men have two androgens: testosterone and DHT. In a male adolescent, DHT is critical in the development of the male sexual organs. However, over time, DHT accumulates in the prostate as well as in the hair follicles. When a man goes bald, his hair follicles are not dead, they are just dormant. This is due to the action of DHT. Lignans can bind to DHT and over time, the DHT levels can drop and hair may start to grow back.

Our customers have sent us testimonials indicating that they have seen hair growth. Many prefer natural alternatives and lignans may also be able to help reduce the risk of prostate cancer while promoting reproductive organ health.


Janet G writes, “Seeing is believing! Just the other day my husband went to get his hair cut and his barber could not believe his hair. He asked him what in the world are you taking? Your hair is growing so fast and it is getting fuller and thicker! My husband is an owner of Steve Grabke’s Body Shop and has been in business for over 40 years. He has been taking the organic Flaxseed Lignans for 2 months and it is paying off. We are tremendously excited and we want to get the word out to others!”–Happy Customers– Steve and Janette Grabke Holland, Ohio

Frank P writes “I am 65 years young, I started taking lignans for GI health problems. I read they also cause hair to grow back. Sure enough, I started noticing hair growth on my crown and front of my head 3 weeks after starting taking them. It worked on my GI problem too. I am 6 months into the treatment and Wow! Now others are noticing too. Thank for your wonderful product and company.”

Chris J.writes, “My hair is growing back, I want to buy a whole case of your lignans!”

Jenny H writes, “I am peri-menopausal. I have been taking lignans for approximately 3 months and have noticed that my hair has gotten thicker. I was at my hair stylist and I asked her if she could tell. She said that it was definitely thicker and she could see a lot of new growth (baby hairs). I am excited about the results. I started taking the lignans for hormone support but with this added benefit I am thrilled! Thank You!”

Sam G writes “I have been taking the flaxseed lignans for about 6 or 7 months now and my hair is growing back! My hair is getting thicker and the bald spot on the back of my head actually has fuzz now where before there was nothing! Thanks for making a great product.”

Chris J. writes“Hi Steve, I Just wanted to give you an update. My hair is now coming in at an accelerated rate and although somewhat fine, it is just awesome. It takes time but if someone was to start lignans their hair loss could improve. They’re also good for general health and having 2 movements per day is a real plus for so many aspects of daily health and vigor. We have 4 family members on lignans and we all see their worth. Thanks for your great and effective product.”