Survey Questions For Dogs Responses      
Name John F Brunswick ME Kaleen V Mechancisville MD Coni F Clinton OH Robin R Brightwaters NY
Dog Name Daisy Buddy Darby Daisey
Breed of Dog Beagle Beagle American Cocker Spaniel West Highland Terrier
Age of Dog 13 7 9.5 16
Weight of Dog 25 36.5 38 18
Gender Female Male Female Female
Neutered, Spayed or Intact Spayed Neutered Spayed Spayed
Diagnosis (C, AC, Suspect, None) Atypical Cushings Atypical Cushings Cushings Atypical Cushings
Type of tumor (Ad, Pit, None) None None Pituitary unknown
Clinical signs/Symptoms excessive water consumption, excessive hunger Excessive thirst, excessive appetite panting, excessive drinking, excessive urination, excessive hunger panting, lethargic
Treatment (HMR, flax, melatonin) HMR, Melatonin Excessive thirst, excessive appetite flaxseed, melatonin flaxseed
Dosage 1 lignan capsule a day, 6 mg melatonin per day melatonin: 3 mg 2 times a day lignans: 2 a day 3 mg melatonin am and pm 30 mg flax am 15 mg flax pm 1/2 capsule two times a day
Other meds Gaba pentin 300 mg per day Gabapentin for seizures, Dasuquin, Denamarin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Pepcid probiotics Synthyroid 4 mg a day Clomicalm 40 mg a day none
Have signs/bloodwork/clinical symptoms improved No yes, symptoms improved Yes Yes
If so, what has improved   water consumption is almost normal, hunger has declined a bit no panting, normal drinking and urination, liver function labs better than on Tricostane symptoms have improved and liver enzymes
How long until noticing improvement   about a month or so 30-60 days 1 month
If using melatonin, change in lethargy   No change    
Post response (Y/N) Y Y Y Y
Additional Comments Been on lignans for 12 months Diagnosed by University of Tennessee Testing. Buddy also has epilepsy (hasn't had a seizure in 13 months yay) Slowly eliminated phenobarbitel over a month or two, which also reduced thirst and hunger so it's hard to tell which or both caused the improvement. He is happier, more lively and water consumption went from 100 oz a day to 35 oz. This is amazing! (I think it's the lignans and melatonin). It's been 4 or 5 months since we switched from Vetoryl to melatonin and lignans. Seeing him and his behavior, aside from the decrease in drinking, makes me think the melatonin and lignans are working. Just switched from HMR to flaxseed a week ago, which I take, to see how they do since I read flaxseed contains HMR ones too. I changed vets partly because they wanted us to use Vetoryl, which i read isn't best for atypical cushings. Thanks for your products!   Her coat is beautiful and the lignans have improved her digestion and regularity

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