HMR Lignans 90 capsules 40 mg
HMR Lignans 90 capsules 40 mgHMR Lignans 90 capsules 40 mg
HMR Lignans 90 capsules 40 mg
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HMR Lignans 40 mg For People or Dogs 90 capsules. 90 servings.
Hmr lignans come from Norway Spruce trees, specifically the spruce tree pine knots. HMR is short for HydroxyMataiResinol (HMR), which is a powerful antioxidant that has been indicated in reducing cortisol levels in Cushings disease in dogs. Studies also indicate that people with high amounts of lignan in their body have better reproductive organ health.*

Lignans are phytonutrients that are converted in the body into enterodial and enterolactone, mammalian lignans that mimic estrogen. This weak (cleaner) form of "estrogen" attaches to estrogen receptors in the body, blocking naturally occurring (and potentially harmful) estrogen from attaching to those receptors. The normally occurring (endogenous) estrogen is then flushed from the body. Many studies indicate that people with high amounts of lignan in their bodies have better reproductive organ health and studies indicate reduced rates of reproductive organ cancers in people with high amounts of lignan.* This is due to the hormone balancing properties contained by lignans, which block the action of more harmful estrogen in the body. Over time, this harmful estrogen can cause negative responses in the body.

There are numerous other studies that indicate improved health from hormone balance, such as reduced rates of menopausal symptoms and better prostate health. Some studies have indicated improved hair growth.* A University of Tennessee Study has found that HMR Lignans are recommended as a first response for Canine Cushings Disease, a disease usually caused by tumors of the adrenal glands or tumors of the pituitary glands.*

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For people or pets: take 1-2 mg of lignan per pound of body weight once a day.
Each capsule contains 40 mg of HMR Lignan in powder form and can be separated in half by pulling it apart. The capsule may be split into two smaller capsules. The powder can be sprinkled over dog food or mixed with peanut butter. The full capsule can also be placed in peanut butter or cheese.

Lignans Dosages

For people or pets, take 1-2 mg of lignan for each pound of body weight.
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